5 Tips in Looking for an SEO

Over the years as I have talked with clients and customers about SEO. I have learned many things as there are misconception and confusion with Search Engine Optimization with customers.

There was a business owner who ran a very niche business and was paying one hundred a month for SEO. And the company would call him talking about how hard they were working on his account. Unfortunately, they never had FTP access, they never posted any blogs and there never been any links pointed to the site.

Why SEO is Like a Customer Magnet

Yes that right. SEO is like a magnet that draw in your customer like a magnet.

Once a website has been ranked in Google. It can draw visitors to it very cheaply. In my experience a well optimized website can bring in many visitors long after the website style has been made obsolete. That is why sometime the best performing site from a SEO perspective are the ugliest sites.